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Healthy Living Program

Healthy Living Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program

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Our Healthy Living program focuses on nutrition and activity as the keys to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight for you. You’ll work with a Registered Dietitian and a Personal Trainer during the 12-week program, to create a plan to help move you from where you are to where you want to be. “The program is completely individualized from both the nutrition and the exercise aspects. We want to teach you how to make adjustments that fit into your life to help bring you closer to your goals,” said Nola Endres, Registered Dietitian. “It’s also really important to us that people develop a healthy relationship with food, so we don’t work within strict confines of counting calories or make any foods ‘off-limits.'” While nutrition and exercise recommendations will be different for each person, all participants will work through a book that teaches important nutrition information and will use the MyFitnessPal app to track their food intake and activity. The first ten participants to enroll will also receive a FitBit tracker band. To help measure the results of the 12-week program, body measurements are tracked throughout the weeks as well. The Healthy Living program is not covered by insurance, so participants will pay out of pocket. The cost is $50/week for 12 weeks (ask about discounted pricing for paying in full upfront), and includes an hour appointment with a registered dietitian every other week, an hour appointment with a personal trainer every other week, AND free use of the Upland Hills Health Wellness Center during the 12 weeks. There is an option of enrolling in an additional 12-week program at a discount after the program is complete. Contact Nola Endres at 608-930-7200 ext 3705 for more details or to register for the program. Check out this feature video about the program on Wisconsin Doctors on WI57 and meet Nola below.

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